We Swiped Right

That's right. We met on a popular online dating app, Tinder. She loved that he had glasses and enjoyed healthy food. He loved her smile and creative endeavors. Rebecca found out he was an engineer at Skullcandy. Greg found out she worked in advertising as designer and web developer.

We wrote messages for a couple weeks until Greg finally asked, "Would you be opposed to meeting up in person?"
Rebecca replied,"I would definitely not be opposed to meeting up in person. In fact, I'm in favor of the proposition."



"Hi! I'm Rebecca, and this is my brother."

We met up for sushi. Across the street from Rebecca's brother's apartment. Gotta play it safe.

We discussed grocery stores, international travel, and our rival universities. We were shocked to find out that we both memorize license plates and love karaoke.

We went back 3 months later so we could recreate our first date. They sat us at the same table. We took it as a sign.

Discovered Salt Lake

Greg played tour guide Barbie (Ken) showing Becca, a new resident, all that Salt Lake City has to offer. We hiked around the canyons, walked all over the Avenues, biked the parks, attended outdoor concerts, sports games, musicals, strolled farmer's markets, and visited some fabulous restaurants.



First comes love.

We figured out being in love was awesome, so we might as well tell each other.

We also love America. Exhibit A.

Explored the wild, wild west

  St. George
  Lake Powell
  Dallas, Texas
  Jackson Hole, Wyoming



To be continued...

Details forthcoming as we plan our wedding for the fall of 2014.

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